MercyHeart Medical Mission

“I was sick and you looked after me”. Matthew 25:36

Medical care is at a premium in this part of the world and out of reach for many. One way we help is by sending our missionaries into leper villages to provide free medical services. Sometimes, we are fortunate to take doctors with us, but the expense it great.

Currently, we have a small clinic with a trained nurse on site in only one of our regions. Our goal is to develop these clinics in all the targeted regions. With your generous contributions, we hope to expand this vital ministry by building more clinics, hiring more qualified personnel, and providing needed medicines and supplies.

Medical assistance is an area where we are in dire need of help. Besides donations, we greatly encourage medical personnel to visit and share their expertise to help strengthen and change lives. Providing medical care is a very practical way to show God’s love and extend His Kingdom to unchurched people groups.