MercyHeart Rehabilitation Centers


The overall goal of project “Rehab Center” is to develop livable communities through providing decent and available shelter, emotional support, suitable living environments, economic opportunities, and prisoner rehabilitation. We will help facilitate the transition from incarceration to community life, through holistic care.


In order to carry out our vision, we will,…

  • Provide released prisoners and young offenders with practical assistance such as short stays, food, medical aid, education, skills training and job-placement assistance.
  • Assist offenders, released offenders and their dependents in obtaining suitable employment and to provide them with the opportunity for training and retraining to that end, so they continue to live as good citizens & endure honestly.
  • Generate and increase the level of community awareness on the causes of crime, the need for community participation in the rehabilitation of released offenders and the specific needs of their families and dependents. We also hope to present the reformed to testify of the cleansing of blood of Jesus in awareness programs, crusades, church service & so on.
  • Cooperate with PFI - Banglore, the relevant Government bodies and other agencies for the furtherance of these aims and objectives.
  • Help the inmates improve their interpersonal skills and restoring their self-esteem and confidence, forgiving and bearing with them.
  • Foster a rapport between inmates, their families and society, through reconciliation and restitution.
  • Help inmates lead a law-abiding and industrious life after their release with correction and supportive welfare.
  • Prepare the inmates to face the expected challenges and demands on their return to the community, with much needed counseling and guidance.
  • Improve their institutional adjustment and general mental health as well as to change their offending behavior, with the love of Jesus.
  • Build adequate and appropriate skills to facilitate their smooth reintegration into the community, networking with Christ centered enterprises.