MercyHeart Span of Care

Span of Care is a charitable program of Project MercyHeart Rehabilitation and Restoration ministry of CFI. This word and deed ministry includes community development, and it helps many families, students, ex-convicts, lepers, and churches become self supporting and self sufficient. Through its micro investment projects gives every person a chance to experience transforming relationship with Christ.

One of the greatest obstacle/challenges our church planters/ missionaries face in the 10/40 mission field is lack of transportation. Our missionaries cover miles and miles area daily. Your $1000.00 gift will help to purchase a motorbike and accomplish the efforts of fulfilling the Great Commission in 10/40 Window.

A Pulling Cart costs $100 and it helps individuals and small families to earn an income for living.

A bicycle costs $100 and missionaries use them to travel from village to village preaching. Bicyclyes are a blessing and one of the main modes of transport for our students.

A horse cart costs $500 and it helps a family make a living

A bullock cart costs $500 and it helps a family make a living

A small Duck farm costs $250 and it helps bring relief to a family

A Chicken farm costs $250 and it brings financial relief to a family.

A small agricultural farm initially costs $500 and it can be a great help for a family or even for a local village church.

A small store could be setup for a $500 and it helps a family, students, or even a church in a village to survive.

A Sheep/Goat costs $100 and can provide financially for a student or an individual.

Push Cart Shop - $300.00

A cow costs around $500 and it takes care of a small house hold.

A buffalo costs $500 and it takes care of a medium size family

To start a Pig Farm costs $500 and it can bring financial freedom for a family or it can help a new village church support itself.

It costs $1000 to start a handy craft business and it will bring income for a family and to a local church.

A tube well for clean drinking water costs $800-2500 and it can service an entire village.

Curb side shop - $80.00

A bicycle costs $100 for CFI MercyHeart Club

Winter Clothing Costs $25 per individual

A Cycle Rickshaw costs $150 and it helps individuals and small families make their living.