Leadership Training and Mentoring 

CFI is dedicated to partnering with young church planters to give them the support, training and covering they need to be successful. We value training that includes Holy Spirit empowerment, education, fellowship, and hands-on mentoring and coaching.


The training process for a church planter involves academic preparation and field work. Potential church planters attend Covenant Christian College International to obtain a degree. 

Additional training also includes periodic, all day equipping sessions to address the spiritual and practical aspects of ministry. These mini-conferences are conducted with pastors and teachers who have shown expertise in their field; both those inside and outside of the Fellowship. These sessions provide a time for…

  • Fellowship for ministers and their families.
  • Special needs to be addressed during conferences.
  • Individuals to speak with a member of the Presbytery Council/National Council member for specific counsel and direction.


Once students finish training, CFI takes them under their wing and works with them through hands-on coaching, mentoring, and continued training in the field. Under the covering of CFI, these pastors receive additional leadership training and fellowship. This includes the ability to have church or individual ministry relationships through diverse levels:

Individual Covenant Fellowship: A personal and friendship level relationship that basically entails mentoring, counseling and oversight with full submission to the office of the Senior Pastor of CFI, Chairman of the Presbytery Council & the National Council, and the Code of Honor pledge!

Church Covenant Fellowship: This is covenant relationship to the fullest. Authority should be given both sides of this level. Covenant Fellowship - India would have input and ability to correct, and allow use of name, logo, etc., as being in relationship with the Fellowship.


Relationship does not end once a pastor is trained.CFI offers oversight and accountability through relationship that strengthens the pastor and the Church. As a part of CFI, leaders benefit from the following…

The ability to apply for ordination, licensing, or ministry credentials needed to serve the community where they live.

If needed, the ministry should be willing to have one or more of the following persons as a part of their ministry board; Presbyters, Covenant Fellowship Coordinators, or an Ordained Minister that has been with Covenant Fellowship - India in an official capacity.

Periodically we will gather together the body as a congregation for fasting and prayer for the spiritual growth and blessings of individual, church families, and the nation (Act 14:23).