CFI Church Planting

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. Matthew 28:19-20

Why Church Planting?
Church Planting is at the heart of the Great Commission and the work of CFI. We believe our work includes not only transforming souls, but also creating structures for them to learn, grow and become true Disciples of Christ Jesus. Through Church Planting, we desire to establish new, healthy, and reproducing congregations in the unchurched villages of 10/40 windows.

Church Planting is a Kingdom Manifestation

  • The driving force of Church Growth:
    (1) The Great Commission

  • Five Essential Functions For Church Growth:
    (1) Evangelism
    (2) Discipleship
    (3) Fellowship
    (4) Ministry
    (5) Worship

  • Four Results:
    (1) Numerical Growth
    (2) Spiritual Transformation
    (3) Ministry Expansion
    (4) Kingdom Advance

“A Growing Church educates its members in kingdom advance as it provides opportunities for them to support missions through prayer and giving, and calls them out to serve the Lord as missionaries at home and across the globe (Glocley). When a church becomes a “sending” church, gladly giving up sons and daughters, leaders and followers, and pastors and staff to missions, it is a growing church, contributing to kingdom advancement.” Dr. Gene Mims

Why National Missionaries?
CFI firmly believes that one of the keys in reaching 10/40 windows with the Gospel is through "National Missionaries" for the following reasons:

Foreign career missionaries are no longer permitted in India! The government of India closed its doors for foreign missionaries in 1975. Since then, very few new missionary visas have been granted. Moreover, the government has been systematically expelling missionaries from India. Today there are very few foreign missionaries left in India and the few that are present cannot actively take part in evangelism. Additionally, Hindu militancy is rapidly increasing making it nearly impossible for westerners to preach the Gospel in India.

National missionaries are far more cost-effective. For what it takes to train, send and support one western missionary, twenty to forty national missionaries can be supported.

Indigenous leaders are better equipped to reach their culture. God is interested in being praised through the unique cultures of the world. Instead of transporting a foreign culture along with the gospel, missionary work must take into account the beautiful uniqueness and diversity of each people group. Therefore, CFI is committed to training, sending out, and supporting national missionaries to fulfill the Great Commission in 10/40 windows.