How You Can Get Involved


No one person or organization can fulfill the Great Commission alone in India. Instead, by partnering together, we can preach the Good News to the largest and hardest mission field in the world. It takes so very little to train and send out a laborer for the Lord's harvest in India or 10/40 Window. Please consider any of the following ways to give.


Become one of three hundred dedicated, committed, obedient, Spirit-led, God-gifted, selfless, individuals to sow $100 every month to focus on loving one another and to be a 300 Club Member of the God's Army. Judges 7:7 (7:7:7). We will send you a beautiful membership certificate of 300 Club


Sponsor a national missionary in the field. With a minimum gift of $200 a month you can sponsor a national missionary who is working in the field. A national missionary family can be supported for as little as $250 a month. Though you cannot go to India or 10/40 Window as a missionary you can send someone else in your place.

Support the training programs and church planting work through regular donations. Even a small amount given on a regular basis will help us immensely to carry on the training and support of national missionaries. We need partners who would sow regularly $40, $50, $100 or more so that we can continue the various ministries that the Lord has entrusted us.

Help build a church building. Many of our congregations are worshiping in makeshift "buildings". With just $1000, we can build a small worship shed in many places. It takes only $3,000-$10,000 to build a good worship building in most places.


Consider giving to the following to directly help the unseen victims of India.

  • MercyHeart Leprosy Missions in the Villages $50/Month
  • MercyHeart Children’s Ministry $40/Month
  • Christian English Medium School in the villages $40/Month
  • MercyHeart Rehabilitation Center $150/Month
  • MercyHeart Medical Missions for Lepers and for the poor $50/Month

Some of our current needs include:

  •  A van or other transportation
  •  PA system and Musical Instruments
  •  Generators and Lighting
  •  Desks and Chairs for Classrooms
  •  Educational Materials
  •  Medical Equipments
  •  Books for College & Seminary Library
  •  One time gift for scholarship fund
  •  One time $150 for a Cycle Rickshaw-help released prisoners and lepers rebuild and support their family.
  •  One time $500 for a Pig Farm-help released prisoners and lepers rebuild and support their family.
  •  Land & Buildings for CFI Missions Headquarter
  •  One time gift for CFI Missions
  •  A substantial amount is needed for an endowment fund to run the day to day operations of this ministry. Please give generously for this so that we can continue to train laborers for the Lord's harvest until He comes back.
  • Add CFI Missions as a beneficiary for a portion of your life insurance.
  • Include CFI Missions in your will
  • Give towards an endowment fund in memory of someone or in honor of someone.
  • Give Stocks and Mutual Fund Shares: Giving stock shares is an easy process, and you avoid paying capital gains tax by giving stock to CFIM.


The most important and crucial way in which you can help us is by praying regularly and fervently for…

  • The Lord of the harvest to raise up laborers who have compassion for the lost.
  • Protection of our brothers and sisters who labor for Him in difficult places. Hindu and Muslim militancy are on the rise. Many of our brothers and sisters have been threatened, some beaten and a few murdered.
  • The necessary funds for the various ministries.
  • CFI leadership, its programs and those they will reach.