CFI Central Region

We need partners in church planting for the Central Region. Please Adopt-A-Region and PRAY!!
Madhya Pradesh nearly 75 percent of the population live in rural areas. This state also has the largest tribal population in the world. Although a state law prohibits conversion in any form, all the major Asian religions are represented with the vast majority practicing Hinduism There are major obstacles for Christian missionaries including government and administration – Please pray for CFI & Madhya Pradesh
 Area: 184,547 sq. km
 Population: 11 Million
 Religions: Hinduism 92%,Muslim 5%,Jainism 0.85%,Sikh 0.28%
 Less than one percent of the population is Christian.

CFI Central regional Headquarters is located in the state of Chattisgarh. The government here, is run by the Bharatiya Janata Party -- BJP, India's second largest political party with national-fundamentalist leanings. The BJP has declared its intention to approve a law "penalizing those who change their faith without informing the authorities". According to the bill, people wishing to change religions must inform the district magistrate a month in advance. The penalty for those violating the law, including those who convert people, could be between 50,000 and a 100,000 rupees and imprisonment up to five years. The bill is set to be passed into law during the State Assembly's monsoon session.The situation is severe in Chattisgarh. In one instance Hindu militants struck a church on 4 December 2005 and forcibly took the believers to a temple to worship.

Area: 143,000 sq. km.
Population: 17.6 million
Religions: Hindus 65.0%
Muslims 15.0%
Christians 4.0%
Sikhs 2.0%
The rest include tribal and native worshippers

The state of Jharkhand has over 261 distinct people groups. RSS accusing that Christian missionaries for allegedly trying to target tribal community and those from the weaker sections of society, and providing inducements to them to convert to Christianity.

Area: 75,000 sq km
Population: 27,500,000
Religions: Hindu 77%, Muslim 14.5, Christian 1%

We need partners in church planting for the Central Region. Please Adopt-A-Region and PRAY!!