CFI Island Region

We need partners in church planting for the Andaman & Nicobar Region. Please Adopt-A-Region and PRAY!!

The Islands in this region are formed by a submerged mountain range stretchingfrom the southern tip of Myanmar down to Sumatra in Indonesia. There are 572Islands here with only 36 inhabited.Many of these islands are unreached with no established work among native islanders. There is no main Christian organization or activity available in India. CFI Missionaries are seeking to reach these inhabitants in the islands and other migrants.

Area: 8293 sq km
Population: around 350,000
Religions: Christians, 64% Hindus, 8.6% Muslims.

Lakshadweep: 12 Coral atolls and 36 islands in the Arabian Sea. Majority of the people in Lakshadweep are Muslims. The official church is not permitted, which means evangelism is not allowed in the Island. The 0.7% Christians are immigrants from the mainland for job or business. No long-term ministry to these Malayalam speaking Muslims has ever been permitted or attempted. CFI plans to move to the islands where missionaries are desperately needed.

Area: 492 sq. km
Population: 91,200
Religions: Islam 95%, Hindus 4%, and Christian 0.7%.