CFI Northeastern Region

We need partners in church planting for the Northeastern Region. Please Adopt-A-Region and PRAY!!
 Arunachal Pradesh: This is a mountain state bordering China and Myanmar where 22 languages are spoken. The church has grown dramatically from 0.8% in 1971 to 13% today. In the 1970s and 80s, persecution was sever. When I started my ministry in Arunachal in 1975 as a young man, there was no religious freedom. I was told by government officials that they would throw me in to jail if I did not stop the work. But God had a different plan! I have a vision that every person in the state is reached fro Christ.
 Area: 84,000 sq. km
 Population: 1,070,000 with 30 people groups
 Religions: Hindu 37%, Ethnic Religion 35.6%, Buddhist 13%
 Christian 13%, Muslim 1.4%

 Nagaland: Nagaland is a mountain state bordering Myanmar. According to Operation World, Nagaland is unique; with the highest percentage of Baptists of and one of the highest densities of theological colleges in the world. Additionally, there is no persecution or fear to serve in Nagaland. In spite of these advantages, the effectiveness of Christian witness is compromised by several factors including inter-ethnic feuding, a long Naga independence guerrilla war, the insidious effects of corruption, and denominational fragmentation. Also, few Nagas in training ever consider a missionary career. Southern Baptists and Korean Baptists spend a substantial amount in Nagaland. However, they should do more to encourage Naga missionaries to go to other part of India and preach
 Pray for students to become effective pastors and missionaries to other unreached states of India. Pray for a better coordination and Naga missionary moment.
 Area: 16,600 sq. km
 Population: 1,550,000 with 50 people groups
 Religions: Christian 87.5% Hindu 10.1% Muslim 1.7%

Manipur: The denominational and ethnic conflicts in Manipur severely hamper outreach by Christians to Muslims and Hindus. There hundreds of Manipur missionaries serving cross-culturally today. Manipur is a state bordering Myanmar and home to The Meitei; the largest people group who invented the game of polo! Please pray for reconciliation, ethnic harmony and a humble, sanctified cooperation among all who claim to follow Christ. And, pray for revival !
 Area: 22,300 sq. km
 Population: 2,526,000
 Religions: Hindu 57.7%, Christian 34.1%, Muslims 7.3, others 0.9%

 Mizoram: Mizoram is a mountain state which borders Bangladesh and Myanmar. According to Operation World, Mizoram is one of the most active Christian states in the world. Recent revivals have dynamited the Church and transformed society. Please pray for many missionaries to come out from Mizoram and serve in many unchurched areas of India.
 Area: 21,000 sq. km. 7,100 sq km
 Population: 860,000 with 54 people groups
 Religions: Christians 85%, Buddhist 8%, Hindus 7%

 Tripura: The state of Tripura is one of the less evangelized states in the Northeastern region In Tripura. Illegal immigration from Bangladesh (69% majority) is rampant, causing indigenous people to become a minority in their own state. Christians have been persecuted both by animists and by extremist Hindu groups. Please pray so missionaries from the Christian neighboring states might see the need to come out from their states and minister to the people of Tripura.
 Area: 10,500 sq. km 7,100 sq km
 Population: 3,590,000 510,000
 Religions: Hindu 85.3%, Muslims 7.1%, Buddhist 4.6%, Christians 3%

 Meghalaya: This mountain state, bordering Bangladesh, has the world’s highest rainfall;12 meters annually. Major denominations are Presbyterian, Catholic, and Baptist, with many growing charismatic fellowships. With traditionalism becoming a major problem, the youth are drifting away from the church. Pray for revival in the older denominations

Area: 22,400 sq. km
 Population: 2,175,000
 Religions: 64.6% Hindu, 14.7% Christian

 Assam: Assam is approximately sixty percent tropical forest and is known for its tea, oil, and forest products. Assam is the major spiritual challenge in N.E. India. Christian population is shrinking in 1961 6.4% -- in 2000 3% -- Even though this was a very important place of Britain during its time in India, they made little effort to evangelize. Persecution is high and resources are very low. CFI Northwestern headquarter is in Assam.

 Area: 78,400 sq. km.
 Population: 26,866,000 with 60+ people groups
 Religions: Hindus 65%, Muslim 31%. Christian 3.1%, Rest is other