CFI Northern Region

We need partners in church planting for the Northern Region. Please Adopt-A-Region and PRAY!!

Jammu and Kashmir Kashmir borders Pakistan and China and is an internationally know place. This state suffers from a constant level of tension with Pakistan. Outreach in this state has always been limited and there is little freedom for the gospel with few available workers.

Area: 222,000 sq. km
Population: 9,400,000
Religions: Muslim 64.2% --- Hindu 32.2% --- Christian 0.16% rest is others.

Himachal Pradesh:
Himachal Pradesh is a mountain state, bordering China-the Valley of the Himalayas. There is a great deal of devotion to idols here, where every mountain is named after a god. Himachal is one of India’s least evangelized states and a center of Hindu pilgrimages

Area: 55,700 sq. km
Population: Population 6,147,000 – 510,000
Religions: Hindu 95%, Muslim 1.7%, Buddhist 1.2%,
Sikh 1.1% Christian 0.09%

Punjab: Punjab borders Pakistan and is one of the richest states in India. The people of this state are very hard working. The famous missionary, Sadhu Sunder Singh was born in Punjab.

Area: 40,400 sq. km.
Religions: Sikh 63.6%, Hindu 34%, Christian 1.1%, Muslims 1%

Area: Area 118 sq. km
Population: 800,000
Religions: Mainly Sikh and Hindu, Christian are less than 1%

Uttaranchal: This state is the starting point of Ganges River and contains the most holy place for Hindu pilgrimage all around the year – Hill station. During the 19th century, the British used for their summer headquarter.
Area: 63,000 sq. km 7,100 sq km
Population: 8,000,000
Religions: The majority are Hindus, with Christians less than 1%

Haryana: In the state of Haryana, Churches are very week and under pressure from Hindus. In 1991, there was only 15,700 identified Christians and only 265 Christian missionaries in 1998.

Area: 44,200 sq. km
Population: 20,000,000 with 310 people groups
Religions: Hindu 89.3%, Sikh 6.2%, Muslim 4.1%,
Jain 0.27%, Christian 0.80%


was the British capital for over three hundred years. Unfortunately, there was greater interest in India’s wealth than in its spiritual health. Consequently, little work was done to further God’s Kingdom. Many of Delhi’s citizens live in dire circumstances, with approximately half of the population living in slums. There are over 500,000 immigrants arriving annually a huge refuge population from Myanmar. Due to financial difficulties and limitation of earning opportunities, young girls engage in prostitution at a very young age. I call these refuges UN citizen. Delhi is a main landing pad for many foreign Christian conferences and seminars but with no follow up or discipleship program. About 150 denominations and agencies have a base in the city including most of the foreign missions and many foreign organizations are still relocating here. Delhi is a very expensive city vs. other medium level cities in India. Organizational headquarters in Delhi spend over 70% of their income on overhead. Though there are over 400 congregations in Delhi, please pray for revival and effective outreach by those who claim to be followers of Christ.

Area: 1,483 sq. km
Population: 11,300,000
Religions: 84% Muslim 14.5% -- Christian 0.9%

Uttar Pradesh: This state is India’s strategic heart land on the Ganges Valley yet it is very poor and under developed. Christians have long been a tiny community here. Instead, Hinduism maintains a stronghold with every village, corner and junction housing Hindu temples and idols. Millions of Hindu pilgrims visit Varanasi, the holy city of Hinduism on the Ganges River. But, few find the Living Water that only Jesus can give. CFI Northern Regional headquarters is located in Uttar Pradesh.

Area: 231,000 sq. km
Population: 167,271,000 with 225 people groups
Religions: Hindus 81.7%, Muslim 17.3%, Christians 0.14%,
Jainism and Buddhism 0.86%