CFI Southern Region

We need partners in church planting for the Southern Region. Please Adopt-A-Region and PRAY!!

Andhra Pradesh: Official percentage of Christians declined from 4.2% in 1971 to 1.8% in 1991 -- This is one the states the protestant church work in India began --- There are churches in every district -- Canadian Baptist and Southern Baptist and many other Baptist organizations are spending time and resources --- Pray for faithful, dedicated and committed missionaries -- Andhra Pradesh have the largest Baptist membership in India.

Area: 275,000
Population: 79,710,000 with 500 people groups
Religions: Hindu 89.1%, Muslim 8.9%, Christian 1.9%, rest is other

Tamil Nadu:
Though the numbers of Christians is growing in Tamil Nadu, there remains a continued ethnic communalism and cast identity which hinders Christian growth. The majority of Christians are in Chennai, where many foreign churches and organizations are focusing. Also, many Indian missions and numerous international agencies are based in Chennai.

Area: 130,000 sq. km
Population: 65.3 million with 400+ people groups
Religions: Hindu 88.6%, Christian 5.7%, Muslim 5.5% -- Rest other

Kerala: Kerala is the state with the highest population of Christians, with numerous protestant denominations and evangelistic agencies. The Move of the Spirit over the last 100 years brought multitudes of both nominal Syrian Christians and low-caste Hindus to faith in Christ. There are strong and growing congregations in many denominations. The Syrian Christians, with link to the Syrian Orthodox Church, are direct descendants of those evangelized by the Apostle Thomas. They are from the majority of Kerala’s Christians and are members of Orthodox, Catholic, and protestant denominations. They have high social status but have become little more than a caste within Hindu society, and few have broken out to become vital witness to those of other cultures. There are, therefore, few lives transformed from non-Christian backgrounds in the churches. Since the 1970s, there has been a surge of interest in missions and many Kerala young people are going out with a vision for the unreached regions. The largest groups of missionaries include Catholic and Protestants. Kerala is one of the wealthiest states in the country with a 100% literacy rate. A revived church in Kerala would have a deep impact on all of India due to the level of education, wealth, and dynamism of many Christians. Sabarimala is in Kerala and believed to be the place where Ayyappan meditated after killing the powerful demon, Mahishi. Sabarimala is one of the most visited pilgrim centers in the world with an estimated 4.5 - 5 crores (50 Million) devotees coming every year. The world's second largest annual pilgrimage, after Haj in Mecca, is reported to be to Sabarimala. The temple is unique in all India, in that there is no distinction of caste or religion in determining who can enter it. Non-Hindus are equally welcome. I believe that this is the most wanted and the most needed place on this planet earth for Christ.

Area: 39,000 sq. km
Population: 33,000,000,870 with 194 people groups
Religions: Hindu 57.7%, Muslim 23%, Christian 19.3%

 The state of Pondicherry is a peaceful area however a lot of work needs to be done. Nominal Christians are the majority.

Area: 4,200 sq. km
Population: 51,707
Religions: Hindus, Christians and Muslims

 Karnataka, the home of CFI Southern Regional headquarters, is South India’s most spiritually needy state. Many major organizations are housed in Karnataka including the Bible society of India, Campus Crusade of Christ in India, and the SBC sponsored Baptist Hospital. Bangalore is India’s Silicon City and is also the Indian headquarters for many Christian churches, Indian missions and International agencies. However, a major work needs to be done in the area.

Area: 192,000 sq. km.
Population: 53,500,000 with 224 people groups
Religions: Hindu 85.4%, Muslim 11.6%, Christian 2.1%, Rest is other