CFI Western Region

CFI Ministries Western Region

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Rajasthan: The state of Rajasthan, which borders Pakistan, is an economically and politically depressed area. Christians are a tiny minority and some assaults and persecution are reported. Rajasthan has been known for its stones and stone workers for a millennium. They supplied marbles and expensive stones to King Solomon.

Area: 342,000 sq. km
Population: 2,050,000 with 226 people groups
Religions: Hindu 89%, Muslim 7.5%, Jain 1.8%, Sikh 1.5%, Christian 0.12%

Gujarat is a focal point in India for the persecution of Christians- by Hindu extremist groups with the support of a political party BJP. The police and administration have pursued a long-term strategy of intimidation, slander and harassment of Christians. Persecution is very high with many churches destroyed or damaged. Freedom of religion is being punished with strong anti Christian activities clauses. Large Gujarati Communities have migrated to central Africa, Britain (UK), and to the US. Most have become wealthy business men and, although surrounded by Christians there has been no success in evangelism. These people are one of the main financial resources of the BJP political party.

Area: 196,000 sq. km
Population: 50,100,000
Religions: Hindu 89.5%, Muslim 8.7%, Jain 1.29%, Christian 0.5%, Rest is other

The Hindu-controlled government of Maharashtra raised inter-communal tensions through discrimination against Muslims, Buddhists, and Christians. As the Nazis in Germany believed that the Jewish race must be eradicated, which led to the brutal killing of 6 million innocent Jewish people, the Hindu religion's extremists are determined to do all they can to hurt those who believe and follow Christ. These Hindu extremists don't represent India nor the sentiments of the Hindu majority of the land in many states. Asia’s largest slum in Bombay has a population of one million, including 100,000 street children and 200,000 AIDS sufferers. Persecution is high here.

Area: 308,000 sq. km
Population: 95,000,000 with 339 people groups
Religions: Hindu 80.5%, Muslim 10%, Buddhist 6%, Jain 1.6%, Christian 1.2%

Dadra and Nagar Havali:
Located in the western part of the country between the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, this area was under Portuguese colonial rule from 1779-1954. There is no religious freedom here.

Area: 491 sq. km
Population: 170,000
Religions: Predominately Hindu

Goa Area:
Traditional Catholicism is the legacy of Portuguese rule in the Goa Area. Hindu beliefs and customs are interwoven with Christianity. Goa is a center for drug trafficking and child prostitution. Christian material in needed in the Konani language. When the Portuguese came to India via Vasco De Gama (1498), Catholicism was introduced, but not the Gospel

The Goa Inquisition --The Portuguese set up a long program to convert the native population (mainly Hindus) by torture. It was much larger and endured for a longer period than the Spanish Inquisition (violent anti-Judaism and anti-Islam ensued and many Jews and Muslims converted to the Catholic faith). After India’s independence from the British in 1947, Portugal refused to accede to India’s request to relinquish control of its Indian passions. The decision given by the International Court of Justices at The Hague, regarding to Dadra and Nagar Haveli, after it was invaded by Indian citizens was an impasse.

Area: 3,700 sq. km.
Population: 1,370,000
Religions: Hindu 64.5%, Christian 31.2%, Muslim 4%, rest is other

Daman and Diu:
Like much of India, Daman and Diu suffered under the colonizing influences of other countries. The following is the chronology of this foreign rule:

  • Portuguese East India Trade (1511 - 1999)
  • English East India Company (1600-1947)
  • Dutch East India Company (1602-1799)
  • Danish East India Company (1616-1729)(1732-1772)
  • French East India Company (1664-1769)
  • Swedish East India Company (1731-1813)

These are the first missionaries to India and they were only interested in making money and establishing their power. We have to earn the trust of the people if we are to really care about the Kingdom of God and obey the command of our leader. It will take a long time to heal the wounds of the exploitation. In the middle of the healing process, the wounds get hurt again, resulting in the suffering and death of local missionaries. CFI Western Regional Headquarters is located in this area. Let us reflect the Love of Christ and hope of the everlasting Kingdom. We must put all of our power to the side and take a towel rather than a title (like Christ and Paul) and start serving. I would love to see this one day and I am waiting for that day. Amen

Area: 112 sq. km
Population: 158, 000
Religions: Hindu majority in Daman, Christian majority in Diu